How to Make Real Money from Score88Poker?

zurisalon.comHow to Make Real Money from Score88Poker?. What makes Score88Poker most popular? Score88Poker is thus one of the best poker online gambling agent site that is most trusted by the locals of Indonesia and great platform to make real money.


Tips to make real money from Score88Poker

  • The Score88 is one of the best platforms to play online games and make more profits. It is famous for its card gaming agent named CAPSA SUSAN and Poker. This site provides a variety of games such as online poker, come roving, judi domino, live poker and domino ceme online to help the players stick on their site and have nonstop entertainment and play poker online game which they wished for.
  • Register yourself onto this Score88Poker platform once you visit their official site. Use your username and password to start playing Score88Poker online games.
  • The players can access this site from anywhere at any time by downloading this site on their mobile devices like blackberry, ipad, iphone, tablets, Android phones and PCs.
  • This site offers services for 24 hours of nonstop betting a day and 7 days a week. Any person who joins this site needs to deposit an initial amount of Rs.10, 000 to start the bidding. This site offers 10% bonus to new members, 15% referral bonus when referring a friend and 0.5 cash back on invested amount. The one utilizes this extra amount to bid on online games is profitable as there is no risk of losing his invested amount.
  • This site deals with secure online transactions of money with secure online methods and services like BNI, BRI, MANDIRI, ATM, DANAMON, and many more.
  • The Score88Poker has best support team who work round the clock to assist their players when approaching the site with username and password. As online gambling is dealt with a long chain process of documentation that includes registration, payments such as deposits and withdrawals, while choosing a particular game, funding, and many more this team helps them in correct path.
  • Choose this site which is licensed and has positive feedback and never cheats their players who are playing online games on their site. Your money is in safe hands and you can continue with secure betting online to make more money by entering into jackpot round and winning the games in other tournaments.


Be it any online site but it should be reliable and trustworthy as Score88Poker which is Indonesia’s best and most popular online gambling agent to play, win and make more real money from the invested amount.

How to Play Online Poker and Win Successfully

zurisalon.comHow to Play Online Poker and Win Successfully. There are more than two dozen different poker strategies that can help you win online Texas Hold’em tournaments. However, many of these strategies are not as effective when playing online poker because of differences in online play. However, adapting your playing style to win Texas Hold’em online tournaments can be a productive and profitable step.

To find the right game style to win your Texas Hold’em online tournaments, you must know two important factors. One is to focus on the types of players you are playing against, and the other is to choose the right hands.

poker terpercaya

Types of players

In the world of online poker, many unknown players and styles have been downloaded. It is never so sharp and dry to put someone in your hand when you bet or raise, simply because you may have never played against them and do not really know their style.

In general terms, the style of the player is more directly related to the shared resources of the game. Therefore, if you are playing in a low limit Texas Hold’em tournament, you are likely to find many weak and inexperienced players. These types of players usually only know one or two methods of poker strategy, such as bluffing or raising a button.

As you advance in higher bets, you will find players who are more conservative and less likely to chase their draws or brag to win a small pot. If you find that you can only play in limit tournaments in Texas Hold’em until you can accumulate your funds, keep in mind that many players will be free, fanatical, hunters and donkeys. It is important to customize your style by countering these types and playing much stronger.

Initial hands

A secondary and equally important factor in the game without the restrictions of the Texas Hold’em tournaments is the choice of your starting hand. While pairs of high pockets and appropriate connectors are large hands, you must play them according to your position at the table.

For example, a high pocket pair in the early position is best played using lameness or mines to stimulate action, especially on a free table. On the other hand, the same hand is better to play aggressively in the last position or in the button to knock down the preflop pot.

You want to get used to maximizing your wins when you have a strong hand to be able to create your chips in unlimited tournaments in poker terpercaya. Making chips is extremely important to survive at later blind and forward levels.

Qualify each tournament in Texas Hold’em in which you enter with the same prediction, focus on the players, pay attention to how they play in their hands, how they raise and reveal, and how they bet on their hands. Use this information to help you decide how to play your best starting hands to maximize your chips in the pot.

Playing Poker Smart: Selecting the Right Table

zurisalon.comPlaying Poker Smart: Selecting the Right Table. With a short selection of room or poker table, you should do so with caution. In fact, you must choose games in which you can have an opportunity not only in your poker skills, but also in your funds. This is best explained by taking a simple example. Suppose you are the 15th best player in the world and only play at the tables with the 10th best player. It would not be surprising if you lost more often than you won. You must include in your players the tables you know or think are worse than you, and not only the players you know are better than you. If you make this mistake, you can pass for a player who has the worst poker skills, but only plays with weaker opponents. The best thing is to look for these tables with many weak players, you have more chances to win and participate in a bigger bank.

bandar poker

When playing poker and do not know how to choose a table, find the following criteria:

– Number of players on the flop.

– Bank size – medium

– Games with weak players known in them.

Online this information is very easy to find.

Look in the lobby next to the game that interests you. The number of players who see the flop is the most important way to talk about the state of the game. If many players see the flop, there are many weak players in the game. If, on the other hand, several players see the flop, this means that the games are limited, because many players who play at this moment are experienced players. If you are an average poker player, look for games in which the percentage of players who actually play on the flop is greater than 40%.

The pot should be more than a small bet at least 12-15 times if you want to win some money in this game.

If you know that there is a certain table at a certain table, surely some weak players will try to occupy a place in this poker room.


Since players move a lot in the online Bandar poker room, you should know all the above indicators. Maybe the game was right for you, but at the same time, the players have changed, and now it’s too difficult. You can easily exit and select another table that matches your criteria.

Thinking of Playing Poker For a Living? Thinking of Playing Poker For a Living?. Playing poker for life is one of those things that it seems that any reasonable person would not consider more than the impossible dream. However, there are people who make their living in poker. As you might suspect, these players are exceptionally skilled and, as a general rule, are at the top of their game. The reason why this is possible is that poker is not exactly a bet. A good Poker online indonesia player uses sensible strategies in combination with the hand they were giving to leave the table, as the person who has more money in his pocket. Whether it’s slot machines, where statistical laws of randomness dictate common destinations, it’s almost impossible to make a living.

If you want to play poker for life, first of all, it means being reasonable

For most people, playing poker is a distraction, a holiday activity and, of course, nothing that can be called a commercial enterprise. Those people who play the game professionally; Without a doubt, they are business people and they work in one of the most pressing business environments you can imagine. If you have a weak heart, play poker for life, it’s definitely something you should not consider.

poker online indonesia

Playing this game for life usually involves traveling across the country to several tournaments. This will also involve the use of online casinos and participation in tournaments. For a professional poker player, any tournament is a source of income. Skipping a tournament for a professional poker player is the equivalent of a trader who can not use the entire market. Being a professional poker player means that playing poker becomes your job and, like any other job, you must be active if you are waiting for some kind of life.

Playing poker for life, like any other commercial company, generally requires someone to have money if they intend to make money. It will be something like a base amount of money, with which you will enter the casino, where you intend to bet. Everything that is done with this money will be considered a pledge, and as the poker player does not play in this case just for fun, it will become a legitimate part of his income, so he must declare taxes and also in which he must live. It is a completely different existence from that of people who play just for fun.

A professional poker player should always improve and hone their skills.

While a random player may quit saying that he is a good player and surprises his friends with his skills in a random game, a professional poker player must constantly confront players who are far above their level so they can learn and grow as players. In their own right For a professional, the money they earn is food at the table, and the rights to boast are secondary to their income.

Online Video Poker Games: Strategy for Fun

zurisalon.comOnline Video Poker Games: Strategy for Fun. Some people who enjoy a good game of poker at a friend’s house on a Saturday night can also go to the casino to play a game. The casino not only offers traditional poker games that are played at the table, but also offers video games. The biggest difference between table poker and video games is that the machine can be configured to have special possibilities of how often the player will win.

Of course, with video poker games, there are buttons and virtual opponents, and not the ability to hold your cards and look other players in the eye. The best part of video Judi poker games is that no matter which version of this popular pastime you like, it is more likely to be available. If you do not have a favorite, new to the game, or just do not know all the rules, keep reading some of the basics.

judi poker

Video game

If you want to play five cards in a video game, you will notice that the game is exactly the same as the table. To begin, each player is given a card with the card face down, as well as a card that is face up. A person with the card face down must bet half the minimum amount or the full bet to start the game. In the sense of clockwise, players can raise an introductory wager, withdraw cards or pay. The cards are dealt until each player has a total of five cards. Then the fourth card is dealt, and the lowest bet is raised to double the original bet. Finally, the fifth and final card is presented to all players, face up, and then to the final betting round.

In Caribbean Stud Poker, including video poker games, each player resists the dealer, not the other. To play, each person must pay before to see their cards. Then, if allowed, players can bet a dollar to enter the jackpot. Five cards are then dealt face down to each player who plays, as well as to the dealer, except that the fifth dealer card is dealt face up. Players now have two options: they can bet equally, more than the original bet or, as in any poker game, they can fold and exit the current hand, depriving them of the initial bet.

After all the players have put or rolled, the dealer shows the cards in his hand.

To challenge a player, the hand of a merchant must have an ace, a king or better; If no player has this combination, the dealer will withdraw his hand, and the initial bet will be paid a single amount, and the player’s bets will be returned. If the dealer has an ace and a king or better, then the player’s cards and the dealer’s cards are shown, and the best hand wins the pot.

All About Calculating Poker Odds

zurisalon.comAll About Calculating Poker Odds. Each poker player shares the same goal: win, because many times it leads to a large amount of money. For a person who plays poker in their free time, they do not apply many strategies during the game, since this is done mainly for pleasure. However, competitive poker players can reveal chances of winning in many situations. In order to reach that level as a poker player, you must be very analytical and observant. Most people do not understand that poker has to do with percentages and probabilities. Unlike what many people say, poker is not just luck, because the game depends on the possibilities of poker and the chances of getting a good hand.

A poker game usually consists of several game sessions

However, to become familiar with poker calculations, you must consider all rounds as a single event. Always knowing the chances of winning, you can still lose. However, the essence of this strategy is to increase the chances of winning to achieve the desired results in most cases.

poker indonesia

Some poker odds are specific to certain types of poker, such as Poker indonesia, but all games follow the same trend in math. You do not have to be good at math to be good at poker, but it helps. Even at the beginning of the game, while the player has two cards, he must know that he has a probability of 1 out of 49, and the number 49 decreases each time a new card is received.

Know the odds

You should know that the odds of getting a pocket pair after the cards are dealt are 220 to 1, and the odds of getting two proper cards are 3.25 to 1. Each combination and scenario gives different calculations, and a good player of poker knows its exact possibilities of playing. Victory at any stage of the game. Knowing how many cards are in a deck and how many cards are in each participant’s hand can help you calculate and, ultimately, predict your chances of winning using the best strategies. To master the method of calculating poker coefficients, players must constantly practice and learn many different strategies. This will automatically analyze the power of your own hand, which is useful when it comes to money rates.

Once the calculations are made for all those who play poker, they can earn more money if they know they have a high probability of winning. If they succeed, they get more money again and can repeat the practice in their heart. The calculation of poker coefficients is a skill developed over time, but it is definitely worth exploring. With great difficulty, you can get your fair rewards and even have fun doing it, because this is poker. As mentioned above, it is not about luck, but about probabilities, and players can develop the ability to change the tides in their direction.

Strategic Moves on How to Be a Winning Player of Online Poker

zurisalon.comStrategic Moves on How to Be a Winning Player of Online Poker. Online poker players are growing more and more, since people can find the comfort that they probably do not find in traditional poker. However, most of them still cheat their opponents by playing in online casinos in virtual casinos. So, in order to resist these illegal drugs in the poker world, take some of the following ideas on how you can become one of those people who easily found the success they need when playing in an online casino.

Knowing what an online casino is

Knowing the reality behind an online casino is important for all online players, this is an advantage you must take to succeed. In this way, you will have an idea of ​​how to play poker in an online casino, instead of traditional ones. The rules of online poker are the same as in real poker, but the way to play this game is very different. The only reason for this is that there are ideal drawbacks of photos that you can pay at an online casino. Therefore, there are many requests that can be obtained on the Internet, which only leads to the rise of the probes.

agen poker


Create an account so you can be a more certified online poker player. Creating an account is really simple; simply withdraw your money using your online account using a variety of methods. In fact, there are different card rooms that have many different options to discard money, which are based on where you live. However, if you find any restrictions, a certain poker site will inform you about the choice of options when you interrupt the procedure.

Making online banking chips is something that can help you find yourself in online poker. However, online cards can limit the total amount you can deposit each day, but it still depends on the method you choose to use. It just means that your daily fall should be your de facto account, even if you have a lot of money that you can get every time.


You can make many ways to withdraw money using card numbers online. Therefore, you must be obligated to receive money within approximately 2 days of your last deposit. Poker sites can have a large amount of transaction costs associated with your deposit, as well as your money with it.

If you wish not to be claimed for these restrictions, make an initial deposit by transferring funds from your co-sponsors. If you use this method to deposit funds, make sure all your alternatives are available for your use. You can really avoid falling simply by saving a huge agen poker bankroll. In addition, you can use someone who can win games and play a large bankroll in your account at any time.

How to start an online poker game?

zurisalon.comHow to start an online poker game?. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of people playing poker these days. With internet offering number of offers for beginners and existing players, it has become a great spur for learning the in and out of the game. Though there is large section of people playing poker in many countries, there are still many aspirant players who are looking for proper guidance. Reasons can be that they scare the malpractices that happen on line. Some trusted sites like daftar poker are doing a fantastic job in encouraging young players. Here, let us discuss some basic points what a novice should know before starting to play the game.


A beginner’s guide to online Poker:

What is poker?

Poker is a card of games played on a table by two or more people. Online poker is a similar game played over the internet.

Differences between both:

In land based casino, you play with your friends or relatives. In online casinos you play with strangers. Both the games are same with respect to game rules and regulations with minor differences. Online poker is relatively easier to play as you can play with as low as 1$ or 2$. The amount of risk involved is comparatively low in this case. You can’t make a face to face interaction in online poker but can see the moving hands.

What all do I need to play the game?

To play online Poker all that you need is a laptop or computer system with internet connection. There is no taxing specially on poker sites and any processor which can support the game is fine. In modern days, you have iPods and smart phones also in which you can install poker apps and play for free.

Do I have to invest a lot?

Not really. Many sites offer free games till you become little experienced to start to play on your own. After that by paying minimum rake fees you can start playing the game. Choose games that don’t exhaust your online account quickly. If you choose games like 50$ one then play 1$ or 2$ games till you accumulate some amount.

Downloading the game:

Once you have decided to learn the game, the first step is to download it from a trusted site. It is a small game and doesn’t take lot of time. Now, after it is downloaded, double click on the package t install the software. Now, create an account by giving the details that it asks for. Create a user id and password.

Types of games:

As a beginner you will find it difficult to choose what type of game should be played. Some games lie Texas-no limit Hold’em are the best for beginners. Check out others you can play from your sources.

Now that you have decided tp learn and play it is better to see for fraudulent cases and not fall to any. As a beginner this is the best help you can do for yourself.

How to play online poker as a genius

zurisalon.comHow to play online poker as a genius. As we all know that online poker now a days is becoming a giant in online casino market which is trying to gulp all other games within a fraction of second. May be because of the type of excitement involved in these online poker games and the fast speed of this game. Players are really enjoy playing these games and once they have master the techniques of playing this game they play these games like professional players who knows that how to dig out the profits from this game. There are some tricks and tips through which players do increase their chance of winning these give u a better idea of these poker games we have a website link where you can find genuine and exciting poker games. situs poker


Knowing poker game

As any other game online poker games also have their rules and regulations which each and every one need to follow. These rules are for the safety of players as well as the betterment of online casinos too. There are some hand ranking in this game which each player need to understand well, as a beginner if you are not familiar with these hand rankings you might make a mistake in playing these online poker games.

Process of online poker

Let’s see how this game is played actually to understand the concept better. In this online poker game one player becomes the dealer he deals the cards and give everyone two cards, he will start dealing cards from his left side and end it on himself or herself. The player on the left side of dealer will start the game and he will be having a choice of weather to bet any amount or to check which means just doing nothing. And when the first player is done then the rest other have a choice to either call, which means putting the same amount of chips into the pot as the first player has done, or fold that means giving up his/her hand and all the chips in the pot they have put earlier and become neutral in the game. Other than these two options players can also opt raise, which means increasing the amount of chip which have been already put in the pot by first player. They have three more rounds of dealing which is called The Flop, The Turn and The River.

These are the simple steps to understand online poker games. For the real experience one can play free online poker and get a better idea.

Online Real Money Poker – Play Your Cards Right and Earn Lots of Cash

zurisalon.comOnline Real Money Poker – Play Your Cards Right and Earn Lots of Cash

How to play Online Poker with Real Money?

We all know that Poker is a family of card games, the online gambling is successful only when played with optimal strategy and skills. It’s a matter of fact that if you play your cards right then you will earn a lot and if not then the vice versa. To make it more clear here is our effort to make your learn how to play your cards with real money and be on safe side. Score88 is one of the reliable online poker site that is safe and secure to bet with real money. Visit this site poker online that is Indonesia’s largest and best Poker Online and Capsa Susun site to make you aware of its terms and conditions to set a path to win the Jackpot race and deal the situation in right way.

One reason to choose this online Poker site is it privileges their players with referral bonuses and cash back deposits. They even allow the loyal players to enter into the Progressive Jackpot round to win the game and become a millionaire. However the first preference is given to the bonuses offered by the site to start your play and then invest some money from your pocket to get eligible for the Jackpot race. One advantage of bonus is you can try to explore the game in your way and try to win whereas on the other side you will not be affected that much in case you lose the game and the bonus amount as it is not yours.


Follow these simple steps while playing Online Poker with real money:

  1. Now you can Download and access this site on your Mobile device or play with a tablet and laptop. Their software is convenient for Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and Android devices start your play on any time form anywhere.
  2. Enjoy the perks and services offered by this site after opening an account with Rs.10, 000 that is initial amount.
  3. Privilege their 15% Referral Bonus, 10% new member bonus and 0.5% cash back on weekly turnover to enter into the Fabulous Progressive Jackpot round and win Rs. 871, 866, 930.
  4. Always do your payments with reliable bank systems such as ATM, BCA, BNI, MANDIRI, BRI, DANAMON and CIMB NIAGA which are local banks in Indonesia that follow a safe system and keep the identity of player confidential. The same bank systems are used for any deposits and withdrawals.
  5. Enjoy their games Domino QQ, Texas Poker, Bandar Ceme, Black Jack and Capsa Susun which are non-stop entertainment and if require any assistance take help of their 24-hour services or reach them through email or contact via helpline number and live chat.


 Be a member of this Indonesia’s largest site that is best Poker and Capsa Susun Online Agent. Play their games following the above strategies, avail their various bonuses to play more games and enter into the Progressive Jackpot to make some real money.